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A world leader in static charge control, SIMCO-ION Europe, part of the multinational ITW group, has been operating in Europe since 1966. It offers a complete range of products to solve problems related to static electricity, from its neutralisation to its use to electrostatically charge two materials and bind them together during a production process. It is particularly indicated for the plastics, packaging, converting and moulding industries.

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Anyone familiar with the subject of electrostatic charging knows that any problem must be solved not only professionally, but very often in the shortest possible time. SIMCO-ION is able to provide rapid and wide-ranging solutions. From receipt to dispatch, it uses a modern system to supervise and implement all orders. Although highly automated, the production process remains flexible. Products are shipped by reliable international couriers.

SIMCO-ION is constantly developing new applications to respond effectively to market needs. In this challenge, it is supported by its own customers, whose collaboration is crucial for finding innovative solutions.

SIMCO-ION’s production chain is subject to meticulous final checks and inspections, as evidenced by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate (certificate no. 10068409), to ensure the excellent quality of its products.

SIMCO-ION’s services do not end with shipping. The company pays great attention to after-sales. In addition to the warranty, customers can count on product repair and calibration services.

Static elimination

Air ionisation is the most effective method for eliminating static charges on non-conductive materials and insulated conductors.

Electrostatic bonding

Static electricity can also be very useful! Materials can be deliberately charged to make them temporarily stick together.

Measuring instruments

Electrostatic field meters are the appropriate measuring keys to easily identify static electricity problems.

Perforation detection

High voltage charges can be used in a controlled way.