BALDWIN Film Cylinder Cleaner

Baldwin Technology group is a leading American manufacturer of innovative process automation equipment, parts, services and consumables for the packaging, printing, textile, plastic film extrusion and corrugated board industries.

We deal with the FilmCylinderCleanerâ„¢ system, which automatically removes deposits and contaminants from the surfaces of chill rolls used in the flat die extrusion process. This system, which can be installed on new or existing equipment, uses a cloth-based cleaning device combined with a precision spraying system that applies the cleaner to the chill roll. In this way, the chill roll is automatically cleaned without interrupting the extrusion process, thus reducing downtime and increasing operator safety.

FilmCylinderCleanerâ„¢ is equipped with a touch screen panel for easy operation.

BALDWIN Film Cylinder Cleaner control and supply cabinet